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“Who Gives a Scrap” classes are taught in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Once you have paid, you'll receive your class information via email so keep an eye out for it! If you cannot afford a class, please reach out to outreach@igiveascrap.com and ask about scholarships.

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Beginner’s Knitting 

Saturday, May 18th, 1pm-3pm

Class Description: This class will go over the basics of knitting. We’ll cast on, knit, purl and possibly bind off. You will leave this class with the skills you need to take on that scarf you’ve been itching to make!

All Included: Cotton yarn, knitting needles, and everything else needed for the project are included. Simply show up.

Ages: Ages 10-15 (parent recommended), 16+ (no parent needed)

Location: Meet us in the “Who Gives a Scrap” Classroom. Turn left when you enter the front door and head to the back of the Sales Floor.

Instructor: Melissa Butch is one of our resident studio artists. She is a fiber artist with 8 years of knitting and 15 years of crocheting under her belt. She has an 11 year old, 2 cats, 3 salamanders and a husband at home. She is new to teaching but super excited about getting the opportunity to spread her love of knitting to others.

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