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Miniature Creations

Saturday, May 11th, 1pm-3pm

Class Description: Little Girls Dress. Working with fabric in miniature can be difficult because there is no weight to the small pieces that are used.  This and other difficulties will be addressed when constructing a child’s dress. Gathering stitches is the only sewing involved.  There will be several choices of fabric and trim.

Supplies Included: Scissors for cutting fabric, straight pins, paint brushes, needle and thread to match fabric, glue. These will all be included. Simply show up.

Ages: Ages 12-14 (parent required), 14+ (no parent needed)

Location: Meet us in the “Who Gives a Scrap” Classroom. Turn left when you enter the front door and head to the back of the Sales Floor.

Instructor: Mary Banner has made miniatures for over 30 years.  She works in 1/12, ½ and ¼ scales. She likes to repurpose items or create her own pieces for her miniature projects. Volunteering at “Who Gives a Scrap” is a good fit.

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