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Youth Craft: Zen Doodle (Class Slots: 8)

Wednesday, August 7th 3pm-5pm

Class Description: This type of drawing focuses on creating drawings with repeating abstract patterns. This is a great creative outlet for helping with meditation and relaxation while also getting your creative juices flowing! With Zen Doodle you can have fun while playing around and making new patterns or you can focus on creating beautiful and intricate masterpieces. In this class you’ll be guided through a number of different exercises designed to help you explore the whole spectrum of Zen Doodle!

All Included: Sketching paper/drawing paper, drawing utensils (pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons), rulers, compasses, stencils, scissors, etc.

Ages: Ages 10-14 *Note: parent/guardian must stay on store premises for duration of class

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