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The teachers of “Who Gives a Scrap” are the créme de la créme, cat’s pajamas, and most daring creatures in our building. Join them in their world of passion for art and teaching.



40+ years experience as a seamstress and a collector of vintage sewing machines.

D’Anne is a lifelong crafter, who started making Barbie doll clothes before she was finally able to join 4-H and start learning sewing at age 9. As a 4-Her, she took all the sewing projects available until she aged out at 19. D’Anne studied at 2 universities in her home state of Idaho before transferring to Colorado State University, after she was engaged, where she earned a Liberal Arts Degree in 1999. She worked at the House of Fabrics/JoAnn’s in Fort Collins for almost 3 years, while she lived there. After graduation, she moved with her husband to Tucson, AZ, where they spent 22 years and had two children.
D’Anne moved with her family back to Colorado in the Spring of 2021 and is very happy to be back. In Colorado Springs, she has joined the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Sewing Guild, where she has made a lot of friends and has been learning and sharing knowledge. D’Anne is an advanced seamstress with experience in almost every aspect of sewing, but is still learning more all the time. She has extensive experience in garment making, including formal gowns, her own wedding dress, which she designed, casual wear and now has been focusing on repurposing thrifted wool. cashmere and silk garments. She also has a lot of experience making bags, including several of her own design, or from patterns which she re-designed or altered.
D’Anne has 40+ years experience as a seamstress and has been an assistant teacher in previous sewing classes. D’Anne is also a vintage sewing machine collector and has ~15 vintage machines which she has done all the work on to clean, troubleshoot and restore, although several of them are still a work in progress. D’Anne lives near Cheyenne Mountain with her husband, two sons, four dogs and three cats.

(The pic above is D’Anne wearing her AMAZING recycled cashmere robe)

Fiber Art


Contemporary Fiber Artist who has exhibited her art in galleries all around Colorado Springs.

Dale Mueller Smith BS, MA, BA

Studio Artist, WGaS 2023

I am a Contemporary Fiber Artist who enjoys all things fiber: from soft embroidery floss to paper to hard barbed wire! I have consistently exhibited my visual art in galleries around town. My professional experience includes working for the Fine Arts Center at CC, the Manitou Art Center, and the Bemis School of Art. My creative curriculum development and teaching has included people from 3 to 83!

At this moment in time, I am interested in the intuitive and spontaneous process of creating art for home, fashion and galleries “as the creative art Spirit moves through me” in real time. I look forward to creating next to you!!!

Journaling + Scrapbooking


A life long crafter with SPUNK — now with her own popular YouTube channel!

Dorothy Kielty

I am a wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother to the most beautiful and creative people ever! My wonderful and supportive husband, Mike, and I have been married since September of 2023. Yes, we’re newlyweds! Previously, I was widowed from a wonderful relationship of over 30 years. My life is blessed with wonderful people and surrounded by creative pursuits.

I have been retired since 2020, but in the past I have had many jobs including electronics technician/computer engineer (19 years) and real estate salesperson (17 years). In both those jobs I loved helping people, teaching, and creating and designing.

You can call my journals junk journals, and although I do use some junk in all of them, I also use digital pages printed out, beautiful vintage items, and fabric and lace. For example, quilt squares make lovely covers for journals, adding color and texture. Beads are used to make dangles for the closure, and beautiful embellishments on the spine of the book. Mail junk can be cut into pockets and tags and trimmed with lace or fun images for journaling and decoration.

I hope you’ll come on this journey with me.

It’s a good life!

Dorothy Kielty
“Raccoon Alley Creations”


Mixed Media


With a BFA in Fashion Design and experience in sewing, jewelry designing, painting, drawing, collaging, journal and assemblage making — she is currently combining her art background with her passion for teaching.

Elizabeth (aka “E”) recently moved to Colorado Springs from State College, PA, where she taught creative writing and composition courses at Penn State. With a BFA in Fashion Design from The University of North Texas and experience in sewing, jewelry designing, painting, drawing, collaging, journal and assemblage making, she is currently combining her art background with her passion for teaching, at Who Gives A Scrap. In her recent artistic endeavors, she utilizes upscaled & recycled materials, and encourages others to make creative use of what’s around us and seek out supplies/mediums at second-hand stores.

E is also a published fiction writer and National Park enthusiast who enjoys hiking, backpacking and river rafting.



She is a fiber artist with 8 years of knitting and 15 years of crocheting under her belt.

Melissa Butch is one of our resident studio artists. She is a fiber artist with 8 years of knitting and 15 years of crocheting under her belt. She has an 11 year old, 2 cats, 3 salamanders and a husband at home. She is new to teaching but super excited about getting the opportunity to spread her love of knitting to others.

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Mary has traveled all over the country to miniature shows as a seller and a teacher. Her experience is astounding.

I had a dollhouse as a child that my parents built.  I grew up making all kinds of things especially out of fabric and the usual craft supplies.  I continued as an adult with my children and working with children at church and school.  Perusing the craft section at the library, I came upon a book about miniature vignettes.  Small scenes that suggest people have just left the room and will return soon.  Everything is just as they left it.  I was hooked and been doing minis ever since.

I started in 1 inch scale and joined a local miniature club in 1987. Over the years, I have become more interested in ¼ inch scale and started a business making building and furniture kits and all kinds of accessories in ¼ scale.  I have traveled all over the country to various shows, selling my minis and giving workshops.  I don’t travel as much as I used to and now work mainly on projects at home.



All Sorts of Stuff!


Former Colorado Springs school teacher :)

My name is Savanah. I am the manager here at Who Gives a SCRAP. I have a Bachelors in Inclusive Elementary Education and used to be a school teacher for five years. I have always had a passion for teaching and creating. I also discovered a passion for sewing as my grandmother and I would sew together since I was little. I have taken sewing more seriously in the last few years and I am excited to help students learn the very basics of sewing on a machine!



Crochet business owner and former Minnesotan — you betcha!

I am Taylor! I am a young artist that recently moved here from Minnesota. I love all kinds of art but have a passion for crocheting. I have been pursuing this passion for a few years now and have a small crochet business mainly doing craft fairs and markets. My favorite pieces to work on are intricate mandalas and unique clothing and accessories. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach others about a subject I have found so much love and appreciation for!

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Kid's Crafts


Walker's two greatest passions have always been art and environmentalism. Today she infuses these into as many aspects of my life as possible.

My two greatest passions have always been art and environmentalism and I try to infuse those two things into as many aspects of my life as possible. As a summer camp counselor I enjoyed leading nature walks and then creating art projects about the things we’d seen on our hikes. In college I pursued a double major in Studio Art (Ceramics) and Environmental Policy and did my thesis project on teaching science through art. And now, working at Who Gives a Scrap, I get to be part of an awesome crafting community with a focus on sustainability. I enjoy doing a wide range of arts and crafts including sculpture, pottery, drawing and cross stitch to name a few! Having access to various creative outlets has been hugely important in my life and I love being able to share that joy with others.